About the Worldwide Peace Marker Project





"198 points of peace in 198 nations by 198 artists"

"It just might create a first irrevocable step toward world peace, having little to do with our old ideas about the subject, but everything to do with what real peace can mean for life on Earth and for our future."  Tiité Baquero

Art, as a carrier and documentary of the times and culture in which humanity finds itself is the primary focus of The World Wide Peace Marker Project initiated by the Bolivian born American artist Tiité Baquero.  Peace, in that context, is not meant in contrast to war, but as a potential state of being.


The idea is to have all 198 countries of the world represented, forming a global family of like-minded artists creating an ever expanding network of grace and positivity for our planet. At present, artist ambassadors from more than 35 countries and all walks of life have been invited to participate in this global artistic experiment. 


Laara B. Rhine is the appointed ambassador - representative for this project in The Netherlands. To commemorate the project, a Peace Marker monument is placed in a well selected location in each of the respective countries. The actual Peace Marker is a beautiful sixteen pound stainless steel sculpture designed to be a focal point for peace for that nation out of which platforms for relevant activities can be facilitated. It fulfils a local, national as well as a global purpose by forging a link with more Peace Markers and peace-makers worldwide.


The Dutch marker is currently awaiting its place in our country. Any suggestions as to a suitable site are welcome and can de addressed to the foundation.

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The nature of transformative change runs the gamut from the personal challenges to collective change in all areas of our existence. It is through the synchronistic ‘co-incidings’ of many potentials that the vital spark can ignite the flame to shed light on the way forward.


We trust that this elucidation can provide some clarity as to the nature of the project.