Laara B Rhine

A remarkable life...

For over 40 years, Laara held seminars and workshops on her multi-faceted theme 'Artistic Experience as a Healing Force©' in various countries around Europe. She has successfully worked with more than 1000 participants during these years, facilitating specialized needs of artists, companies, educational, and clinical situations.


"Art as a carrier of culture, since the dawn of time, profoundly affects our health and well-being. It is the thread which has woven the rich tapestry of experiences both for my life and my art." 


She held countless seminars in various countries for artists, interested people, and children of all ages. Her art can best be described by the analogy of the shimmering rainbow of light which weaves through the elements, crossing all boundaries to bring light and color to even to even the drabbest landscape.

Laara’s appointment as the Dutch Ambassador to the World Wide Peace Marker Project in 2010 brought a new dimension to the theme of healing through art. A selection of her paintings were used during the Culture of Peace Exhibition in the capital of Iran, Tehran.

Laara was born prior to the outbreak of WW-II in California where she spent her formative years. It provided both the climate and the unique opportunities for her to freely pursue her artistic interests. The intense contrasts of light and shadow experienced during childhood awakened in her a deep longing to express through art.


"Something in me objected to just painting the ‘outside’ or superficial form of an object. I insisted, to the dismay of my teachers, that there is an essence which is an integral part of all things. It was this that I longed to be able to express through painting and other art mediums."


The synchronicities of her life afforded the development of artistic skills which served as the framework for the seminars and workshops which she held for many years. She developed techniques, methods of observation as well as a holistic form of perception which she endeavored to teach to her students. Her affinity with nature has birthed numerous paintings of landscapes, minerals, animals, people, flowers, crystals and so on. Watercolor, acrylic and encaustic are the media with which she worked a lot. The last years of her life were dedicated to writing stories in English or Dutch to accompany the paintings. This resulted in the book "Stories a Heart can Tell"


The transitions of her life, from California sunshine to English gardens, Scottish hospitality, the snows of Switzerland, and Germany where she studied and taught art and history, to the canal laced country of Holland, all required some adjustment in habits, attire, not to mention language. The new skills and life experiences provided the treasures for starting to do creative writing just a few years later. She described it being like a faucet opening, and English poured out. This was the start of the book "Far Above and Beyond High" - stories a heart can tell, a metaphor of life exemplified by the process of transformation that the caterpillar undergoes in order to become a butterfly. Laara spent her last days in a picturesque town in the heart of Holland where she had good friends close by.