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Greetings friends and welcome to the Pavonine Foundation website where you can view some of the many works of visionary artist Laara B. Rhine around the theme of transformational art. The impulse for the Pavonine Foundation for transformational art is in fulfillment of a promise that Laara B. Rhine made within herself at an early age. To this end, her life was dedicated.


The Pavonine bird logo with its radiant iridescent colors is the revered mystical Quetzal bird of the Mayan and other ancient cultures. Just as the Phoenix, the Great Bird symbolizes transformation and new beginnings; the emergence of the new from the old and outworn.


History of the foundation


The Spark-o-Lite foundation (1984 - 1995) was the impulse for what has since developed into the Pavonine Foundation for Transformational Art. The Pavonine bird became the carrier of the initial 'Spark-o-Lite' to carry the impulse forward towards the creation of a new platform; a new impulse for inspiration and respect toward our unique planet and all that lives upon it. 

The actual formation of the Pavonine Foundation took place in early 2012 when a group of trusted friends joined with Laara to help carry and give structure to this initiative. It soon became clear that this group was pivotal to help lift the work to the next level. The initial spark of the Spark-o-Lite became the impulse for the "Great Bird" to carry the work forward

Preparing for an exhibition
Preparing for an exhibition
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Purpose of the Foundation

The Pavonine Foundation for Transformational Art serves as a carrier for a transformational artistic initiative as well as being a platform for inspiration and respect toward our unique planet and all that is upon it. It is Laara’s legacy, born out of her challenging, yet “wonder–filled” life. With the help of the board members of the Pavonine Foundation, Timothy Driessen, Dick Kleijne, Elsie Franken and Hans-Otto Schulz the paintings and other works will find their appropriate destination where they can be of greatest benefit to others.


To our LOCAL FRIENDS, without whom we would not have been able to realize all the projects in such a professional and timely manner. Because to their service, expertise and creative ideas they hold a special place in our hearts.

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